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HistoERIE Quiz – 19th Century Edition: Xtine’s 20 Questions

You won’t believe what men were forced to do by law every Saturday in the early days of Erie, PA. Take this quiz and find out! Continue reading

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Feast Your Mind on This Humorous Historic Erie, PA Holiday Shopping Quiz

If you remember shopping at Grant City on West 12 Street, grab your Memory Lane map and take this quiz. Continue reading

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HistoERIE of Erie Trivia Quiz: Xtine’s 20 Questions about the illustrious past of Erie, PA

A long-forgotten 15-question quiz about Erie history that had been prepared on a typewriter was discovered recently. After adding five freshly baked questions, here is the final savory product. You might be able to find a few answers with search … Continue reading

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Erie, PA Nostalgic Slogan and Jingle Quiz: Xtine’s 20 Questions +5

Dip your local trivia toe into this snazzy quiz about jingles and slogans that have rattled around Erie, PA over the years. It’ll be as refreshing as a dip in Waterworks Beach on a 90-degree day. So wade on in, crack open your local brain files, and expERIEnce this Erie-iffic quiz. Continue reading

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Hey Erie PA, how would you like to test your knowledge about the history of local electronic media? If you remember names like Vance McBryde and the Morning Mayor, here's just the quiz to challenge your memory and maybe even give you a nostalgic smile. Continue reading

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Xtine’s 20 Questions: Whose Business is it Anyway? Erie, PA Historical Trivia Quiz

Standing in majestic silence, the Boston Store in the center of downtown Erie, PA was a place where local people worked 50+ years before retiring. Now it is an apartment building. Calling All Erieites…Just How Much Do You Know About Your … Continue reading

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Extreme HistoERIE: The Earliest Years of Erie, PA 1795 to 1884: Xtine’s 20 questions

If you know who’s buried at the Wayne blockhouse in Erie, PA then take this quiz! Even if you don’t know, take the quiz anyway! Continue reading

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Dive into Wellsburg’s history and swim through this eye-opening fun trivia quiz. Answers and scoring guide are included. Continue reading

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Madsville for Meadville Historic Trivia Quiz: Xtine’s 20 Questions

You might be from Meadville, PA if you have ever admired the grandeur of the Baldwin-Reynolds house, indulged in the David Mead Inn’s  “Famous Saturday Night Buffet,” or knew someone who worked for Dad’s Dog Food. Now it’s time to … Continue reading

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Zesty Zeroes TV Trivia Quiz 2000-2010: Xtine’s 20 Questions

If you revel in reality programs and one-word titles such as "Office," "Lost," "Friends," "Community" and "Scrubs," then you've hit the TV trivia jackpot with Xtine's 20 Questions from the Zesty Zeroes decade 2000-2010. Continue reading

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