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HistoERIE Quiz – 19th Century Edition: Xtine’s 20 Questions

You won’t believe what men were forced to do by law every Saturday in the early days of Erie, PA. Take this quiz and find out! Continue reading

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Use This Short List of Gardening Tasks When You’re Ready To Get Started

Gathering all of your necessary gardening tools is an important first step when it’s time to tackle your planting project Continue reading

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What on Earth Prompts Tropical Cyclones into Existence? Read Why These Stormy Entities Happen

A certain set of atmospheric conditions can trigger a tropical cyclone into existence Continue reading

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What is a Planetary Nebula? It’s an Aging Star Emitting its Last Gaseous Breaths

Read about what a planetary nebula is and see stunning photos by noted astrophotographer Michael L. Morgan. Continue reading

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