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The primary goal of this website is to spread smiles and beauty in as many different directions as possible. It is rather unique – comprised of hundreds of captivating things to see and do: fun trivia quizzes, insightful historical pieces, interesting photographs,  various thought-provoking articles, witty movie reviews, and a sprinkling of curious videos.

If you are looking for the collection of specialized quizzes about Erie, PA, here is a link to them as well as a handful other fun trivia challenges which fall under the title, “Xtine’s 20 Questions.” Erie, PA trivia quizzes  There’s also one titled “Madsville for Meadville.” 

You might also enjoy music and movie trivia quizzes from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, some of which can be found here.

Most quizzes contain 20 engaging questions, followed by the answers and a scoring key. Another great idea is to use the site’s search engine and type in the word “quiz” or any other search term you’d care to investigate at this ever-growing website. You’ll also discover a photographic sampling below of scenery, people, pets and exciting places. 

Thanks for visiting – please take your time. There’s a lot to see here, so you might want to make more than one stop.

00000 P1170489 Christine Lorraine xtinethewriter profile pic august 2019

* * * * * * * * *

2018: If you recently discovered a photo credit listing this website, you have come to the right place. This site is hosting a national campaign to paint as many local businesses as possible in a positive light through aesthetically-pleasing  photographs and detailed editing techniques. These photos are then posted on googlemaps to help the public find the places they are looking for, and to promote commerce and growth.

Remember, a picture really does paint a thousand words, which is why this website is pleased to offer the professional googlemaps and search photos you see as a public service.

So far we have edited and published around 3,700 photos with over 80,000,000 views on google search and google maps. (as of 10/15/19)

** Update **  If a photo of your business has been published by xtinethewriter.com, and would like to know the details behind the picture, please send an inquiry email to xtine926@gmail.com. You can also send an inquiry if you are wondering how to obtain a photo you saw without visible photo credit, or if you wish to consider discussing a professional photo shoot of your own for advertising purposes.

Beauty seeps into more crevices than we can see.
It abounds in tapestries draped in dark corners of thought, it breathes within the blueness of shimmering waters, and it illuminates night skies in moonlit pastels which defy description. Pursuit of this undefinable element of human aesthetic pleasure can travel down many different paths.

Hosted by a former newspaper editor and photojournalist, this site is the place to connect with the avid photographer as well as the unusual writings of Xtine the Writer. Here you will discover a vast eclectic collection of photos, videos, articles, fiction, humor pieces and over a dozen witty trivia quizzes titled Xtine’s 20 Questions. Please peruse and enjoy these creative offerings, which are from the heart and soul of someone who revels in beauty’s perpetual bliss wherever it can be found.

There are thousands of photos of businesses, parks, historic points of interest and other public entities which are featured in googlemaps, that were lovingly taken by xtinethewriter. This is because part of the beauty of this country can be found in these colorful places, many of which help, guide and serve everyday people in everyday life.

To the right is a column with links to some of the humorous “Xtine’s 20 Questions” trivia quizzes, or you can search the hundreds of written pieces on this site by month and year. The site was constructed a few years ago as a place for Xtine’s professionally written online creative collection to live after helium.com and associatedcontent.com became defunct.

Below you will find a sampling of some of xtinethewriter’s recent photographs, which are presented with love and a myriad of insurmountable inspiration.

Please feel free to visit out sister sites ChristineLorrainePhotography.com and trainumentary.com. See you there. And don’t forget to contact xtine926@gmail.com if you’d like to offer a comment/question regarding a specific article or photograph. Thank you so very much. 

So perfect it looks like a painting

So perfect it looks like a painting

o03052016 warner staircase wide with credit 2016-03-05 001 016Warner Theatre – Erie, PA

0516 millie partial curtain pugrealitytv

peek-a-boo pugst louis mo millenniuum bldg trainumentary 012516

St. Louis, MO view from train window

00000 damn yankees interview 1991 ChristineLorrainePhotography.com with credit

Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent 1991 – Erie, PA

P1150631 sunset beach 7 WOW colors presque isle christine lorraine photography

“Penny Loafer” sunset – Presque Isle State Park, PA

P1040312 (2) blood moon lunar eclipse ChristineLorrainePhotography 012019

Blood Moon Eclipse January 2019

Albion Sunset 072719 Christine Lorraine Photography

Angelic Clouds Sunset Dance

00000 gene simmons interview 1990 ChristineLorrainePhotography.com with credit

Gene Simmons 1990 – Erie, PA

P1080215tree lined path albion christinelorrainephotography.com

Path of Serenity – Albion, PA

079 sept 18 2016 way cool sunset

Heart-Shaped Dream Glow View – Lake Erie, PA

washington trainumentary unionstation statues

Union Station, Washington DC

10 15 2 pugs series on dk blue both facing camera siting up

clouded beauty

Rehoboth Beach, DE


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is p1020516-illinois-capitol-building-091119-1.jpg

Illinois State Capitol Building as photographed from a moving train window in 2019


erie niagara sept 2014

Flagship Niagara~Erie, PA 2014

Phoenix Piestewa Peak city scape xtinethewriter 2016-01-18 001 047

View from Pietsawa Peak~Phoenix, AZ 2016


Erie County Fair Rock of Ages 90215 fair four shot wo dave

Christine Lorraine aka Xtine plays bass at the Erie County Fair in 2015

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Night Coaster

Coaster Silhouette at Busch Gardens, VA in 2009


waldameer green twi zone wacky shack

Walking Through the Wacky Shack at Waldameer in 2015

waldameer 082825 music express

Night ride at Waldameer Park~Erie, PA 2014

10102014 fenwick island delaware lighthouse tall

Fenwick Island Lighthouse, DE


071516 eaglehurst sunset glow

Beautiful sunset over Lake Erie 2010

011116 chicago union station 1

Chicago Union Station 2017

2014 Eaglehurst facing presque isle

Blackstone Beach in Erie, PA


Stone Church~Meadville, PA


bridgeville fire dept delaware


Bethany Beach, DE 2014bethany surf shop night

bethany boathouse


AMTRAK depot at 4 a.m. in Erie, PA 2016Erie Train Depot at night


Frog with Flower~Colony Plaza in Erie, PA 2016frog colony plaza 2016


Houseboats on Horseshoe Pond~Erie, P|A042216 horseshoe pond houseboats 2

Channel Marker in Erie, PA 2020042216 Erie Harbor North Pier Light with people


Statue in downtown Meadville, PA 2014041716 diamond square meadville statue

* * * * * * * * * * *


Here is the original version of xtinethewriter.com when it was initially created. Its intended purpose was to provide an outlet for Xtine’s written works as they had appeared on associatedcontent.com, yahoo contributor network, and helium.com before these sites were eliminated.

Things have expanded and evolved since this first introduction, we now encompass far more fun topics and activities:

NOTE: Xtine the Writer’s Collection has expanded to include her creative Helium and Yahoo Contributor Network articles

Greetings, my name is Christine Lorraine, although I also use the pen/performer name Xtine or Xtine the Writer.

Thank you for stopping by for a glimpse into the intricate tapestries that words weave in my mind. One of the reasons part of my internet writings are on WordPress is that I previously had hundreds of articles published between Helium and Yahoo Contributor Network, both of which are now obsolete.


Part of the Xtine personna includes the bassist and on-stage original music performer inside of my innermost heart. I started music at age 10 with the violin, graduated to cello, and presently perform with my bass in the Generic Beat and have done so since the 1980s. There’s also a  brilliant new group on my expanding horizon, Rock of Ages, that provides the perfect creative outlet for new music and self-expression through song. There are also reverbnation.com ads sprinkled throughout my stories – please click through and have a quick look and listen.

You use this Youtube link below to reach some of my original music and funny pugrealitytv.com videos, both of which I produce for Youtube:


Please click below to hear one of my band’s songs titled “Preppy Beach.” Thanks!

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