Covered Bridge Chronicles by Christine Lorraine Morgan

We’ve spent 2020 visiting, photographing and crooning over covered bridges that we can drive to easily enough.

The collection of these beautiful historical thoroughfares never cease to amaze us with their tangible ambiance of travelers from the past.

It is time to start sharing some of these sights and stories that revolve around these magnificent structures here. We only hope you enjoy them.

Photos posted here will be by primarily by Michael L. Morgan and myself, and if a picture was taken by someone else we will offer them photo credit.

If you have any shots you’d like to share of covered bridges, just contact us through ~ Thanks.

November 6, 2022 – Check out this old postcard!

This pre-1955 postcard shows one very long covered bridge with a uniformed attendant near a small “guardhouse” of sorts.

Built in 1869, a toll was required to cross this 775′ thoroughfare until 1927. Located in Portland, PA’s Northampton County, this bridge that crosses the Delaware River is named the Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge today.

In 1955 Hurricane Diane dealt the old wooden covered bridge fatal blow, when its sides were ripped off from high winds. After that it was rebuilt as the Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge.

October 1, 2022 – Found this postcard in a thrift store:


This picturesque postcard from the mid-20th century depicts a quaint covered bridge in an agricultural setting. The back of the postcard does not give a name or location, but the hand-written name of Bennington, VT is printed there.

The postcard states, “A covered bridge in all its beauty from the ‘days of yesteryear.’ Photo by Carl Shelfield”


July 5, 2021 ~ Mercer County, PA

Nestled near a forest in its own park, Kidd”s Mill covered bridge spans the Shenango River in a national historic district located in Mercer County, Pymatuning Township, PA.

Constructed in 1868, this historic wooden thoroughfare carried traffic until it was taken out of commission in 1979 by an overloaded vehicle, which broke a handful of truss members by carelessly attempting to cross the bridge. The Shenango Conserancy renovated the structure and presently maintains the Kidd”s Mill bridge as a tourist attraction and historical landmark at Kidds Mill Park. It is presently open to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

This single-span Smith truss bridge measures 122 feet in length. Kidd”s Mill covered bridge “is one of only twenty remaining Smith Truss bridges in existence, the only one that is in Pennsylvania, the easternmost example of this bridge in the country, and the only remaining covered bridge located in Mercer County. This bridge is located within 15 miles of the Ohio border, so it is no surprise that this bridge is located not terribly far from the home state of the Smith Truss company,” according to

The covered bridge visited by park-goers today was built in 1868. One year before, the previous bridge at Kidd’s Mill was demolished by a huge flood.

This covered bridge has spanned the Shenango River for over 150 years. Although it was closed to traffic in 1979, it was rehabilitated a decade later and Kidd’s Mill Park was developed near the site.

Here’s an interior view showing the rare Smith Truss construction. Kidd’s Mill bridge is said to be one of only twenty remaining Smith Truss bridges still around.

This serene view of the Shenango River was captured through broken side boards.

October 16, 2020

Watch Covered Bridge Chronicles 13: Giddings Road

Check out this beautiful Ashtabula County, Ohio covered bridge.

October 12, 2020

Sherman Covered Bridge

Erie County, PA

by Christine Lorraine Morgan

Sherman Bridge was built by William Sherman in 1870. It is the only drivable covered bridge in Erie County, PA. It was built in 1870 by William Sherman. This bridge only measures 12′ wide and 85′ long, but it carries many local residents across the west branch of Conneaut Creek every day. The only other standing covered bridge in Erie County, PA is in a dilapidated state.

Sherman Covered Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is constructed of a single span multiple Kingpost truss design. Also known as the Harrington covered bridge and the Keepville covered bridge, this historic thoroughfare is located in Conneaut Township. Its official address is 10700 Barney Rd, Albion, PA.

Windsor Mills Covered Bridge

Ashtabula County, Ohio

by Christine Lorraine Morgan

A Bridge of Multiple Names – The majestic Windsor Mills Covered Bridge, aka the Wiswell Road bridge and Warner Hollow Bridge, has a rich history that begins with its construction in 1867, just two years after the conclusion of the Civil War.This historic thoroughfare is 120 feet long and sits high above a gorge created by Phelps Creek below.

When Wiswell Road was rerouted around 1970, the bridge was closed to vehicular traffic, and the the stretch of road upon which it is located became somewhat abandoned. The bridge underwent extensive renovations with a $250K price tag between 2002 and 2004. Prior to reopening to traffic in May of ’04, one of its original piers was replace with concrete, which was styled and finished to retain an authentic look. Its official address is 7696 Warner Hollow Rd, Windsor, OH.

This bridge sports a Town truss design, and was renovated from 2002-2004.

It is believed that this historic bridge’s original stone abutments were created with local materials – one is comprised of sandstone which was supposedly quarried nearby, and the other is made of creek stone.

This stunning bridge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of 17 driveable bridges in Ashtabula County.

Throughout its 153-year history, this covered bridge has been a favorite spot for the Amish who live nearby. It also attracts a fair amount of covered bridge enthusiasts – while we were there at least half dozen others also visited this beautiful covered bridge.