Love Poems – Poetry Inspired by Love



Valentine’s Day Collection of Unique, Love-inspired Poetry

Christine Lorraine

Valentine’s Day Collection of Love-inspired poetryEternal Endurance

Never on earth has love flourished with such intensity and propensity the way it has since our star-laden paths crossed.

Inconspicuously, serendipitiously, deliciously destined by time’s age-weathered hand, togetherness blossomed into bountiful bouquets of bliss.

Along comes the scenario where inevitable adoration seizes pastel opportunity, ablaze with passion, laden with loyalty, thickened by togetherness.

Decades strengthen emotions and erode inhibitions, resulting in the Ultimate Union of two pre-destined individuals sharing one bottomless cavern of feelings.

Eternal endurance

* * * * *

Damsel in Distress

She was a damsel in deep distress

Subdued and draped in time-tinged dress

He sensed her apprehension

Thus devoted his his attention

Distress dissolved away.

He was a towering pillar of man

Longing to find his fair lady’s hand

She felt his presence surrounding

His adoration was astounding

And soon led her astray

Stability stimulates boredom’s desire

Fueling flames of temptation’s fire

She danced toward self-destruction

Then conquered the obstruction

Wallowing in dismay

All that was good for her started to crumble

Downward spiral, she began to tumble

Streaks of sadness grasped her mind

Vivid memories led her to find

She was a damsel in distress again

* * * * *

Gifts of Love

Whispering glances

Sensual trances

intertwined souls merge, united

Touching enhances

Delerious advances

unlimited pleasure invited

Giving, taking, never forsaking

Love’s definition shines true

Wanting, asking, reveling, basking

in Valentine’s Day here with you

Feeling, sensing, knowing, glowing

Bathed in the depth of your love

Submerged and bewildered

Time’s touch becomes silvered

by Valentine’s day gifts of love.

* * * * *

Valentine’s Day Mission

Valentine’s Day is laced with tradition

Provokes love’s ambition,

Delays inhibition

Love’s pure transmission is the number one mission

Valentine’s Day is untouched perfection

Evoking intention

Inspiring impression

Each love-laden word said in passion’s succession

Valentine’s Day means love is in motion

Transfer emotion

Promise devotion

Drifting toward ecstasy with passionate notion

* * * * *

Cupid’s Call

When Cupid’s bow strikes

You can’t run and hide

Just let it flow through you

And drift with the tide.

When Cupid is near

You’ll find your heart sings

Illustrious songs

With visions of rings

If Cupid picks you

Love will find you soon

Through all of life’s hazards

You’ll wallow and swoon

Cupid call means

Fresh love has found you

A gift from the heavens

As One becomes Two

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