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Read the ultimate A to Z guide that will elevate you to success with unique leadership skills

Christine Lorraine

Have you ever wondered if there were techniques you could acquire that would help you become a more effective manager? Absorb this A to Z guide of unique management skills, then let your imagination be your guide.
A: Always appear to be in a good mood, even if you aren’t. Whenever supervisors are feeling dejected or angry, people around them often pick up on those negative feelings. This can lead to poor morale, lower sales, and a general state of inefficiency.

B: Be a character. Let your leadership light shine. You earned your position because of your strength and tenacity, so use these key attributes to your advantage.

C: Compliment people when something they are saying, wearing or doing is outstanding. Don’t manufacture undeserved compliments, instead, try to notice uplifting details and mention them. Sometimes, just having someone else notice the difference can brighten a person’s otherwise dismal day.

D: Dole out insightful glimpses into the pleasantries of your personal life with cautious discretion. Let others feel as they know a little bit about who you really are without tipping your hand.

E: Emit Enthusiasm. Yes, it is contagious. Spread as much as you can, whenever and wherever possible.

F: Follow through on everything you commit to doing. If you tell someone on your staff you’ll have an answer for them by tomorrow, make sure you plan to see them the next day. If you don’t have an answer by the following day, then be sure to let them know you’re still waiting. Leaving unsightly loose ends dangling conspicuously can be damaging to a manager’s reputation.

G: Give empathy, especially when somebody is having a bad day. Offer as much of a sympathetic stance as you can within the realm of what is appropriate for your company’s policies.

H: Hear what your subordinates are saying so they believe that you care. Utilize the concept of “active listening” to earn respect and instill loyalty.

I: Invigorating pep talks are always appreciated. The more you are able to boost someone’s self-esteem, the harder they will work to earn recognition from you.

J: Jump around once in awhile to wow everybody and get their attention.

K: Kindness goes a long way, especially when it is sincere. Remember, it is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Utilize kindness to draw people to your way of thinking and managing.

L: Lead with questions – If a subordinate asks you a question to which they should already know the answer, try to guide them to the answer rather than just offer it to them. Example: “Should I file this schedule?” Your response: “Did you file the last schedule you worked on?” Often this form of leadership can help your staff hone their problem-solving skills. It will also instill confidence and help them feel empowered.

M: Manage nonchalantly while maintaining a firm grip. The more you appear to be breathing down everyone’s back, the less productive they may become.

N: Never let your temper win. Keep it under control at all times. Losing your temper can backfire badly in certain work situations, and diminish your defense when you try to justify your behavior.

O: Ooze with confidence in the knowledge and skills you possess. Your confidence level will transfer to your staff to create a positive, vibrant work environment.

P: Perpetuate positive energy at all times. People around you who hold you in high regard will begin to do the same. It goes without saying that positive energy outperforms negative attitudes.

Q: Quench the thirst for knowledge. If you have someone who is constantly asking for additional information, arm that ambitious individual with the facts they seek. Don’t regard that person as an annoyance, help them learn. The better your staff performs, the better you look.

R: Review and praise strength prior to criticizing weakness. Don’t just slam subordinates for performing poorly, talk to them about the things at which they excel before pointing out their shortcomings. And when you do discuss what they are not doing well, be prepared to offer solutions to help them move forward toward excellence.

S: Strength should be built upon, and weaknesses should be studied. After identifying someone’s strengths and weaknesses, construct a plan to help them become more proficient in the areas that need improvement.

T: Teach by example. If you expect your workers to stay focused on their jobs during office hours, then show them that your dedication is unfaltering by doing likewise.

U: Understand your staff. Learn what it is that makes them tick, then work with that information.

V: Victories should be celebrated. When your staff outperforms the expectations set for them, find a way to reward and recognize their efforts.

W: Walk around and absorb details to keep your finger on the pulse of your department. The more you are able to grasp daily routines, the better you will manage.

X: eX-pectations should be clear and encased within a time frame. Don’t say: “Get this done whenever you can.” This leaves the door open for an unlimited amount of time. Try this instead, “We need to get this done by Friday, and I know you’re up for the job, right?”

Y: Yearn and earn. Strive for excellence. Shoot for the universe so at the very least you will end up with handful of stars. It is okay to set higher than necessary expectations for yourself and your staff, so that if you miss your mark, you will at least have accomplished your initial goal.

Z: Zealously tackle every day with a smile on your face and in your voice. This will elevate you to larger-than-life status and make you approachable.

The primary source of this article is a manager who started out as a very disliked and disreputable supervisor. That same manager developed a unique, specialized leadership style, and through perseverance, evolved into one of the company’s most distinguished and well-respected managers.

This status was earned by utilizing the concepts listed above. Let them work for you, and they will lead you and those who work for you to stellar success.

Published by Christine Lorraine

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