Dig this crazy list of 51 super groovy catch phrases of the 1960s/Psychedelic Era: Christine’s Chronicles

It’s 1968 and here’s how we talk in everyday life if we’re part of the hip crowd:

1. Don’t blow your stack.

2. Don’t blow your top.

3. Don’t lose your cool.

4. Level with me.

5. She’s a living doll.

6. Whatever I say goes.

7. Let’s call it quits.

8. Now you’re talking.

9. I got a bone to pick with you.

10. I don’t get you ‘cuz of the generation gap.

11. That burns me up.

12. You can say that again.

13. Would you believe…?

14. I’m down in the dumps.

15. Knock it off!

16. He’s all wound up.

17. Forget the wisecracks.

18. And that’s all there is to it.

19. The whole rigamarole.

20. Thanks for nothing.

21. Believe you me.

22. Oh come off it.

23. For crying out loud

24. You’re driving me up a wall.

25. That’s a bunch of baloney.

26. Cut with the cracks. (=quit saying mean things)

27. Don’t be sore at me.

28. Ok! Now scram!

29. I can’t get over it.

30. That’s for me to know and for you to find out.

31. I’m going to punch you right in the nose.

32. The sooner the better

33. Me and my big mouth.

34. Are you on the level?

35. And I mean business!

36. Fair and square.

37. I need that like I need a hole in the head.

38. Shut your trap.

39. Who died and left you boss?

40. You dumbbell!

41. Get with it.

42. Get the picture?

43. And I don’t mean maybe.

44. You’re darn tooting.

45. You can say it ’til you’re blue in the face.

46. Try this on for size.

47. Beats me.

48. What gives?

49. Chime in.

50. Button Your Lip.

51. Pipe down.


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