Happy 20th Birthday to Erie’s Intermodal Transportation Center in 2022: Christine’s Chronicles

In 2002 the port city of Erie, PA changed the face of local transportation with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of a shiny new transportation hub on its popular bayfront at the Holland Street Pier.

Local dignitaries cutting the ribbon for Erie’s new Intermodal Transportation Center in 2002 included Rep. Phil English (center with red tie), former Erie Mayor Rick Filippi (gold tie), and PENNDOT Deputy Secretary Rick Peltz (to the left of English) among others.

The facility came with a price tag of around $8 million, about 80% of which was funded by the Federal Transit Administration. Regarding the structure’s design, “The building’s circular shape symbolizes both a wheel and a compass,” according to architectural website https://sah-archipedia.org/buildings/PA-01-ER9. It further states, “Curved windows and bay views accentuate the openness of the building.”

Erie Intermodal Transportation Center in 2016

Other local landmarks near the transportation center are the Blasco Library, Erie’s Maritime Museum, the dock at Dobbins Landing, and the Brig Niagara. To celebrate the Intermodal Center’s opening, a gala event was held with a program that featured guest speakers, information-sharing, refreshments and a time capsule commemoration. Local advertising agency Ad Ventures was there covering this 2002 event, and captured these images on one of the first digital cameras on the market.

PennDOT Deputy Secretary Rick Peltz addresses the gathering at the transportation hub’s grand opening event.

The photo below shows what the bayfront transportation complex looked like as of 2002.

promotional photo credit: Unknown

Over the past 20 years, some local travelers who took a Greyhound bus out of Erie at night found the bayfront station to be a relaxing environment. “We liked the old location on W. 6th Street, but this is much nicer,” said one local woman. The intermodal is also a destination for the local bus line, the EMTA (Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority).

Guests in attendance heard a variety of local speakers at the Intermodal Center’s opening festivities.

Speaking of commercial buses out of Erie, the local Greyhound line seems to have finally found its home here, after moving from Perry Square to upper Peach Street, then to the Intermodal Center.

EMTA’s bus trolley and “American Spirit” bus seemed to enjoy being parked at this sparkling new facility when it opened in 2002. The “American Spirit” bus was wrapped in an American Flag to mark the 9/11 tragedy that occurred the previous year.
Side view of the “American Spirit” bus in 2002

In case you ever contemplated what sort of items are placed inside of time capsules, this tabletop presentation should give a fair idea. Wonder what folks in the future will think of the cute little model bus.

Here’s a glimpse of the items that were placed in a time capsule when the bayfront intermodal center opened.

This interesting view through one of the windows at the Intermodal Center in 2002 curiously looks like
there is a ship parked with the cars.

Tom Kennedy receives recognition at the Intermodal opening event.

Cameras were rolling, people were listening, and history was being made in 2002.

Here’s an artistic and illuminating sight inside the Intermodal Center when it opened.

Former Erie Mayor Rick Filippi was among the speakers at the Intermodal’s opening celebration.

Representative Phil English also spoke at the Intermodal’s 2002 opening.

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