Check out these photos from an Erie Cablevision promotional event on the EMTA trolley with local radio personality Dan Geary in 1993: Christine’s Chronicles

These images were captured on film in 1993 at a promotional event in Erie, PA by Christine Lorraine Morgan (aka xtinethewriter), who worked at the cable company and helped coordinate the activity.

This is several years before the local cable company, Erie Cablevision, was revamped and became Time-Warner, which has since been replaced as well. At this time, the offices of Erie Cablevision were located at 36th and Zimmerman Roads in Erie. Prior to that location, it was situated downtown on Peach Street between 8th and 9th on the east side of the street.

People in the photos are identified by either first name or not at all, depending on the author’s memory. If anyone reading this wishes to offer the first name of any of the unidentified staff, please feel free to do so in the comments or via email to Thanks & enjoy!

Kris, Rochelle, Rita, Corey, unknown, unknown and Rose pose for a picture on the EMTA Trolley (from left)

Rose, Corey, Rochelle, Peggy and Kris carry water bottles while Erie radio personality Captain Dan Geary stands on the back of the EMTA trolley.

Caught in a silly pose, pretending to stop the trolley’s progress is none other than the author, xtinethewriter, aka Christine Lorraine Morgan, who worked for Erie Cablevision from 1991-1996. She also started her TV production/Video editing career at the 9th & Peach Street location as a public access user, where she produced and aired dozens of original shows on the local cable channel until it was made obsolete in 1992.

Captain Dan Geary is seen here at the Cablevision event talking on a wireless phone back in 1993, long before cell phones became commonplace.

These unidentified folks were also there on the EMTA trolley for this Erie Cablevision event in 1993.

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