Presenting some of the beautiful details of St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Erie, PA: Christine’s Chronicles

By Christine Lorraine Morgan ~ August 19, 2022

St. Paul’s Church, in the heart of Erie’s “Little Italy” neighborhood, had its humble beginnings in May of 1891. In August 1928, ground was broken for a new house of worship, but due to poor economic conditions in the late 1920s, the building was only partially completed.

It wasn’t until 1933, when renewed funding became available, that this stunning building was able to be finished. Its address is 1617 Walnut Street. This is the church that hosts the St. Paul’s Italian Festival every year, which is a major event in the city. The blocks with which it was built include chunks of recycled materials from City of Erie streets, which were cut and shaped by skilled workers.

The church’s main entrance features intricate details in front of and inside of the colorful archway.

St. Paul’s steeple, crosses and roof grace the sky with detailed artwork and curved window openings.

Leaves, grapes, and a cross above a chalice adorn the church’s side entrance.


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