Father’s Day Poetry – A Collection of Poems to Honor Dad


Here Are Poetic Verses that Try Capture and Express the Love We Feel on Father’s Day

by Christine Lorraine aka Xtine
Ode to JoeHey Joe how’d you learn
to be a dad?Who told you how to raise
the little children you had?

To teach them, and lead them
to adulthood and beyond

To guide them and scold them
when they did something wrong?

The best part though, Joe
is the love that you shared

Through all the tough times,
when things were tense

Through the very best days,
when fun was immense,

There you were, dad.
And here you are today.
I love you so much,
that words can never convey

Shining Father

When it’s raining outside
And there’s nothing to do
Fathers can shine
And brighten the gloom.

When you’re sick in bed
And you ache from the flu,
Fathers can shine
Smiling sunshine at you.

When no one else cares
And you come unglued
Fathers can shine
By listening to you.

No matter the weather
No matter the time
When your father loves you
It’s easy to shine.

Father’s Day Love

A dad is so cool
He’ll be there for you
A dad is so loyal
His love is true blue.

A dad is the man
We know and we love
A dad isn’t perfect
But he’s a gift from above

Father’s Day is here
And isn’t that great?
But don’t wait for this,
it’s only a date.

Show him the depth
of your love all year round
In case there’s a day when
He won’t be around.

Make peace with your dad
And tell him right now
Just how much you care
And then show him how

Don’t wait until June
To cherish your dad
Make Father’s Day every day
And you’ll always be glad.




Father’s Day

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