Totally 80s TV Trivia Quiz – Xtine’s 20 Questions

the%20Generic%20BeatMohawks and new wave music dotted the countryside during the excellent ’80s, when TV was hitting its stride before being diminished by the internet.

Test Your Knowledge of TV Show Trivia from the Excellent ’80s

Christine Lorraine

1. On the senior slapstick sitcom “Golden Girls,” why did Sophia move in with Dorothy, Blanche and Rose?”
a. She had no place to store her family’s gold
b. She lost her house due to eminent domain
c. Her retirement home burned down
d. She enjoyed listening to their profound conversations
2. Which weekly sitcom was a spinoff from a popular movie that starred former Laugh-In freestyle dancer giggly Goldie Hawn?
a. Fletch
b. Captain Ron
c. Mr. Roberts
d. Private Benjamin
3. Which twisted TV tale featured a dubious sitcom father figure who enjoyed sticking his hand in his pants?a. Married With Children
b. All In The Family
c. My Name Is Earl
d. Father Knows Best4. Mel Torme appeared several times on which legal-esque show?a. LA Law
b. Ally McBeal
c. Night Court
d. Boston Legal

5. What male TV hottie was frequently shown in action wearing only a T-shirt beneath his sport coat, a phenomenon that sparked a macho male fashion trend in the ’80s?

a. Don Johnson, Miama Vice
b. Karl Malden, Streets of San Francisco
c. Andy Griffith, Matlock
d. Tom Selleck, Magnum PI

6. Which Partridge Family star spread her wings, flew into the TV legal profession, and landed on LA Law?

a. Shirley Jones
b. Susan Dey
c. Joan Collins
d. Susan Lucci

7. Which prime-time program shocked viewers with a revealing shower scene where it was explained that the entire season had just been one big, long dream?

a. Sanford and Son
b. The Mac Davis Show
c. The Biggest Loser
d. Dallas

8. After Michael Landon moved out of his Little House On The Prairie, to what series did he travel?

a. Path to Hell
b. Bridge to Nowhere
c. Highway to Heaven
d. 77 Sunset Strip

9. What was the name of Punky Brewster’s dog?

a. Brandon
b. Spunky
c. Rin Tin Tin
d. Millions

10. Name the comedy that featured an extraterrestrial traveller who accidently crashed into an American family’s garage.

a. Jammin’ with the Jedi
b. Alf
c. Battlestar Galactica
d. Leonard Nimoy Presents

11. In the final season of Soap, which character started channelling a 90-year-old man from a previous life?

a. Burt – Robert Mulligan
b. Jodie – Billy Crystal
c. Jessica – Katherine Helmond
d. Chester – Robert Mandan

12. Robert Guillaume won an emmy for his witty, wisecracking role as “Benson,” a sassy spinoff of Soap.

a. True
b. False

13. Which two ’80s classics were produced in side-by-side studios at Paramount Televsion?

a. Hill Street Blues and Tales from the Darkside
b. Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley
c. Malock and Mannix
d. CHIPS and Real People

14. Initially, it was presumed that The Cosby Show did not have much chance for success. This is because it aired in the same time slot as what popular program?

a. M.A.S.H.
b. Dallas
c. Who Wants To Be A Superhero?
d. Magnum, P.I.

15. Bob Newhart ended up starring in three separate TV shows that all centered around his name. Can you name the title of his sitcom that aired during the 1980s?

a. The Bob Newhart Show
b. Bob
c. Newhart
d. What About Bob?

16. Outside shots of the bar in Cheers were actually taken from:

a. Hard Rock Cafe in Denver
b. Hooters in Philadelphia
c. Bull and Finch Pub in Boston
d. Collinsville Tavern in Omaha

17. What was the name of the public TV station where Steven was employed on Family Ties?

a. WKS

18. Who sang “The Unknown Stuntman,” the theme song for The Fall Guy?

a. Dean Martin
b. Bob Denver
c. Mel Torme
d. Lee Majors

19. Which popular 1980s action series spawned a 2010 movie with the same name as the show?

a. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots
b. Arrested Development
c. I Dream of Jeannie
d. A-Team

20. What is the name of the youngster who may have imagined all 137 episodes of St. Elsewhere as fantasies unfolding inside of his beloved snow globe?

a. Tommy Westphall
b. Urkel Ehrlich
c. Lucy Fiscus
d. Eddie Haskell


1. c – Sophia moved in after the Shady Pines retirement home went up in flames.

2. d – Private Benjamin. Goldie Hawn played the leading role in the 1980 film of the same title.

3. a – Al Bundy of Married With Children was often spotted relaxing with his right hand in his pants. On Sundays, he used his left hand instead.

4. c – Night Court. Judge Harry T. Stone idolized Mel Torme in this NBC sitcom.

5. a – Don Johnson, Miami Vice. Johnson’s slightly unshaven 7 o’clock shadow was also emulated by cool guy wannabees in the ’80s.

6. b – Susan Day, who performed the role of Grace Van Owen on LA Law.

7. a – Dallas. This gasp-inducing episode included the all-important “Pam’s dream” revelation. After waking up, Pam (Victoria Principal) finds her husband, Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), alive and wet in the shower, not deceased as her season-long dream had indicated.

8. c -Highway To Heaven. This angelic fantasy series aired from 1984 to 1989.

9. a – Brandon. One can only wonder if this canine’s name was in any way connected to NBC’s Programming Chief Brandon Tartikoff.

10. b – Alf, aka Gordon Shumway, was a loveable hand puppet who represented Alien Life Form (ALF).

11. b – Jodie Dallas was the notorious character portrayed by Billy Crystal in this prime-time soap opera spoof.

12. a – True. Another interesting bit of trivia, “Benson” is heralded as the first network show to depict internet usage in 1985.

13. b – Laverne & Shirley was filmed on Stage 20, and Happy Days used Stage 19 at Paramount.

14. d – Magnum, P.I. Ultimately, Cosby ended up outshining Magnum P.I. in the ratings.

15. c – Newhart aired from 1982 to 1990.

16. c – The Bull and Finch Pub in Boston, which was renamed Cheers Beacon Hill in 2002.

17. a – WKS. Steven’s role was played by Michael Gross for the show’s entire seven-year duration, 1982-1989.

18. d – Lee Majors. It looks and sounds like the $6,000,000 man could sing as well as sprint.

19. d – The A-Team, which is set for a June 2010 release.

20. a – Tommy Westphall (Chad Allen), the autistic son of Dr. Donald Westphall (Ed Flanders).

17-20 correct – Exciting Eighties Expert
13-16 correct – Solid Gold Eighties Trivialist
9-12 correct – Intermittently Eighties Informed
5-8 correct – Somewhat Eighties Savvy
3-4 correct – Slight Eighties Slacker
0-2 correct – Like Totally Out Of It


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