Christine’s Chronicles: Humor – Every Vote Counts, a Rock and Roll Collage


Politically Speaking, Let’s Get in Tune

Christine Lorraine

Voters are standing strong, saying “We’re Not Gonna Take It” when they cast their ballots, because lately they’ve been feeling like they can’t get any “Satisfaction.” Washington needs to stop printing “Money for Nothing” and “Surrender” to the fact that “Runaway” spending in the U.S. has many families “Living on a Prayer.”

To complicate matters, there is an opaque lack of transparency. If our leaders would “Tell it Like it Is” instead of making “Helter Skelter” decisions and deals shrouded in secrecy, we could base our judgments on “More than a Feeling.”

“Time after Time” the same elected officials are winning the same seats, whether or not they have a “Bad Reputation.” This trend allows “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” to continue. Voters are finally telling these career politicians that conducting business “Just the Way You Are” is no longer acceptable, and that things are going to change “With or Without You.”

Yes, “Changes” are “Rocking In the Free World” right now. Perhaps the same old song will be replaced by a lively new tune as Americans send a message to Congress saying, “I Will Survive” because “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone.”

Don’t succumb to the urge to become a “Basket Case” and “Run to the Hills.” Instead, “Walk This Way” straight to the voting booth on Election Day.


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