Xtine’s 20 Questions: Media Rare – Erie, PA Historic Media Quiz

The author poses on the set of a local TV station where she was employed in the early 2000s.


Attention Erieites! How Much Do You Remember About Your Very Own Erie, PA Media Personalities?

When the newfangled gizmo called the television erupted onto the electronic scene in the late 1940s, it swept grayscale images into America’s living rooms, spewing forth comedies, dramas, news programs and commercials into the national psyche. These 20 nostalgic questions revolve around the evolution of television in the earlier days of Erie, Pennsylvania. Not only is this quiz nostalgic for local viewers, most of it was compiled between 1987 and 1992, so this set of questions offers a double nostalgic dose due to its age.

The answers can be found below the questions.

1. What TV station featured a wooden dummy assisting the weatherman in the 1970s? Bonus – A. What was the dummy’s name? B. What was the weather guy’s name?

2. Which TV and radio personality hosted a weekly late night horror movie on WJET TV in the ’70s?

3. What local DJ was on the air the most number of years consecutively?

4. What was the first TV station in Erie? Bonus – Fill in the blank of this station’s old slogan: Erie’s ____________ station.

5. Which radio station was “Erie’s music leader” in the ’80s?

6. What four call letters belonged to the Erie radio station with this slogan in the ’60s: “With _ _ _ _ you go go go!”

7. What was the name of the host who starred in a popular kids program on WICU TV in the ’60s?

8. What was the name of the popular kids TV show that aired on WJET TV during the same era?

9. What uniform did weatherman Vance McBryde wear while mapping out Erie’s forecast on WICU in the 1950s?

10. Who co-anchored WICU news with Hyle Richmond in the 1960s?

11. When WJET TV signed onto the air for the first time in 1966, what sort of marathon did that station air?

12. When Rocket 101 signed onto the air in the early 1990s, what sort of music did that station play on the air for weeks before it was officially up and running?

13. What was the first college radio station in Erie? Bonus – What do that station’s call letters stand for?

14. Which WSEE TV sports anchor went on to become a state level politician?

15. What were Channel 66’s call letters prior to emerging as WFXP in 1998? Bonus – What did those call letters stand for?

16. In the early 1970s, which radio host signed off nightly by saying, “Blue skies and green lights, peace. It’s 12 midnight.” Bonus – What was his real name?

17. What are the call letters of the ’70s underground FM station which was formerly positioned on frequency 102.3?

18. Who is the former WSEE anchorman who went on to work for C-Span?

19. Name the fictional overnight pre-recorded host on WJET 1400 AM in the 1960s.

20. In 1986, which TV anchorwoman was named best dressed woman in Erie by the Times Publishing Company’s “Sunday Magazine?”


1. WJET-TV — Bob Tupper was the weather personality, and Skeebert Skeedaddle was the wooden dummy.

2. Jim Cook was the illustrious host of “Chiller Theater.”

3. Frank Martin, “The Morning Mayor,” entertained Erie listeners for over 50 years.

4. WICU, one of the oldest TV stations in the country, was previously known as “Erie’s Pioneer Station.”  (Opinionated bonus question: Please explain why WICU, which touts one of the best sets of call letters in the nation, does not promotionally utilize its letters as in the phrase, “I see you.”)

5. K-104 promoted itself as “Erie’s music leader” in the 1980s.


7. A bearded gentleman known as Pappy hosted “The Pappy Show” on WICU. This author was filled with glee when she learned she would appear on “The Pappy Show” for her fourth birthday! Unfortunately, Pappy didn’t make it to work that day, and the show was hosted by a Bozo wannabe.

8. “Time For Bob” was the name of this local kids program on WJET-TV. The words to the theme song went something like this: “Tick tock tick tock, listen to the happy clock, tick tock tick tock, it’s time for Bob. Big hand on the six, the little hand is on the four, that’s the time to open up the door.”

9. Atlantic. Their jingle was, “For business, for pleasure, in any kind of weather, Atlantic keeps your car on the go….”At that time, one of Atlantic’s biggest competitors was Texaco, whose jingle was, “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star, the big, bright Texaco star.”

10. Ned McGrath

11. A non-stop movie marathon, which was a delightful change of pace for many area viewers.

12. All Beatles’ songs were played around the clock for many weeks without commercials or any other breaks.

13. WERG was initially on frequency 89.1 FM when it signed on in early 1973. It was then relocated to 89.9 in the late 1970s, prior to moving to 90.5 FM in 2006. The call letters stand for W – Erie – Radio – Gannon.

jim griffey werg 1973 permission to use 061017

Jim Griffey, on-air personality during WERG’s early days

14. Al Benedict, who went on to become Pennsylvania Auditor General. That was before he pleaded guilty to federal racketeering and tax charges.

15. WETG – Before UHF frequency 66 became a Fox affiliate, it was W – Erie – Television – Gannon, owned and operated by Gannon University.

16. Ronny G, who was the evening host on WJET-AM 1400 when it was a Top 40 music station. This lively host’s real name was Ron Seggi.

17. WMDI – This was a purely underground station when FM was in its infancy in the early 1970s. It played an eclectic collection of music, including uncut Frank Zappa album masterpieces and “Jesus Christ Superstar” with little or no interruption.

18. Steve Scully

19. This non-existent radio personality was named “Al Knight.” Even though it wasn’t an actual person, many people enjoyed listening to Al’s overnight show because both TV and radio stations typically signed off the air every night, and cable TV was still a few years away.

20. Lisa Adams

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6 Responses to Xtine’s 20 Questions: Media Rare – Erie, PA Historic Media Quiz

  1. Hi there Christine,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere, and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope to see from you.
    Have a great Weekend 🙂

  2. Ron Erdely says:

    I remember Vance McBride wearing Atlantic uniform when he did the weather.
    Another bit of nostalgia, here is the Pete Otis jingle: Pete Otis is the guy you want to see. You can’t afford not to see Pete Otis. You’ll make the greatest deal in history so go to 4-0-2-1 Peach Street in Erie P-A, your local Ford dealer is Pete Otis, you ought to go down and see him today”

  3. 2. Jim Cook hosted “The Late Great Horror Show” in 1981-82 on WJET-TV.
    9. Vance was actually the “Atlantic Weatherman”.
    12. Rocket 101 launched in June 1989 following the Beatles stunt loop.
    13. Al Benedict anchored news for WSEE.

    • 2 – Jim Cook hosted Chiller Theater in the 1970s because I watched on Saturday nights. The question asked about the 1970s program, thanks for telling us about his work in the 1980s. My favorite “Chiller Theater” flick was “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” which ended up on MST3K in the 1990s.
      And also thanks for adding some relish and details to questions 12 and 13!
      Ironically, I was so enchanted with the concept of Chiller Theater as a youth that I ended up producing a Saturday Night movie show on Fox 66 named “Lava Lamp Theater” which aired 1999-2000. Catch one of those groovy episodes here: https://youtu.be/xa3AnTiElbI

  4. Bob Eyres says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Xtine. I knew a lot of those people because I was the first person ever hired to shoot TV News in Erie. I was a cameraman, 1972-1975, at WICU-TV. It was a great place to work, and great people to work with.
    That was a long time ago, And I’m still dong it:))

  5. Joe Villella says:

    Hey, thanks for these. “Pappy”‘s real name was Skip Letcher, I believe.

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