Zesty Zeroes TV Trivia Quiz 2000-2010: Xtine’s 20 Questions



Shows like “American Idol” prompted all kinds of talented people to come out the woodwork to try for a chance at fame.

Did You Dig the Decade of Reality Shows and One-word Titles Such as Office, Lost, Friends, Community and Scrubs? Your quiz awaits. . .

by Christine Lorraine
Dec 16, 2010
1. In the hilarious mockumentary “The Office,” what is the name of Angela’s favorite song?
a. The National Anthem
b. What’s New Pussycat?
c. The Little Drummer Boy
d. Rockin’ Robin

2. In “The Sopranos” fifth season, Tony Soprano openly wept when he learned his nephew’s girlfriend, Adriana, had been killed.
a. True
b. False

3. Spongebob Squarepants’ official address is:
a. 124 Conch Street
b. I-812 Squid Avenue
c. 241 Bikini Bottom Loop
d. 14U Shell Hollow

4. The voice of Stewie on “Family Guy” is based on which renowned British actor?
a. John Cleese
b. Rex Harrison
c. Rowan Atkinson
d. Sir Lawrence Olivier

5. Which NFL legend won on “Dancing With The Stars?”
a. Terry Bradshaw
b. Bart Starr
c. Josh Cribbs
d. Emmitt Smith

6. The title of the “Survivor” theme is:
a. Ancient Voices
b. Survive This
c. Through The Tall Grasses
d. Tribal Rituals Gone Wild

7. In Fox’s underrated sitcom “Arrested Development,” which award-winniung actress portrayed the dizzy, vertigo-stricken Lucille Two?
a. Susan Lucci
b. Joan Crawford
c. Liza Minelli
d. Diane Keaton

8. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” has been airing on CBS since 2000. Before its acquisition by CBS, the show was initially offered to ABC, but this network rejected it because:
a. ABC lacked the facilities for effective production details
b. The network already had too many hit prime time shows and did not want another
c. James Garner was not available to play the lead role
d. ABC thought the show might confuse typical viewers

9. In “Desperate Housewives,” license plates on the vehicles say: ” _ _ _ _ _ State.”
a. Sandy State
b. Sunny State
c. Eagle State
d. Happy State

10. The crusty but loveable Dad on “Everybody Loves Raymond” was played by the late Peter Boyle. What was the name of the blockbuster movie that Boyle growled his way through in the 1970s?
a. Cujo
b. Rocky
c. The Godfather
d. Young Frankenstein

11. During Charlie’s heroin scenes in “Lost,” Dominic Monaghan can be seen snorting:
a. cleanser
b. brown sugar
c. powdered chalk
d. powdered milk

12. Which 30-minute grit-com opens with the soothing, string-laden theme titled, “Temptation Sensation?”
a. 30 Rock
b. King of Queens
c. Gene Simmons Family Jewels
d. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

13. In season 8 of “Scrubs,” the feisty janitor’s name is finally disclosed as:
a. Glenn Matthews
b. Ray D. Aiter
c. York Hunt
d. George deCaesar

14. The last episode of “Oprah” is just around the corner. The charming hostess of this long-running talk show was voted _____________ upon graduating from high school?
a. Most likely to be a TV talk show host
b. Miss Congeniality
c. Most popular
d. Most likely to succeed

15. How many performers on ER received Emmy nominations for lead, supporting or guest appearances?
a. 7
b. 18
c. 31
d. 142

16. Which American Idol personality was a session bassist with Journey in the mid 1980s?
a. Ellen Degeneres
b. Susan Boyle
c. Ryan Seacrest
d. Randy Jackson

17. How much was the winning lottery ticket worth that was won by the title character in My Name is Earl?

a. $10,000
b. $100,000
c. $1 million
d. $1 billion

18. What was the name of the one-season sitcom wonder starring Ted Dansen as the mischievous Dr. Bill Hoffman that aired in 2006?
a. Group Therapy
b. Are You Being Served?
c. Help Me Help You
d. Lime in the Coconut

19. When “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” returned to prime time in 2009, which celebrity won $50,000 for charity on the first episode?
a. Katy Perry
b. Tiger Woods
c. Lindsey Lohan
d. Dennis Rodman

20. What is Greendale College’s team name on NBC’s “Community?”
a. Human Beings
b. Geeks
c. Studs
d. Bone Breakers


1. c – The Little Drummer Boy. The character of Angela Martin is brilliantly brought to life by Angela Kinsey.

2. b – False. Tony Soprano, portrayed by James Gandolfini, ordered Silvio to whack mole-turned-informant Adriana in this powerhouse drama.

3. a – 124 Conch St. is Spongebob’s undersea address. .

4. b – Stewie, whose vocal delivery is provided by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, is based on the voice of Rex Harrison, according to imdb.

5. d – Emmitt Smith and professional dance partner Cheryl Burke stole the show and won in season three on “Dancing With The Stars.”

6. a – Ancient Voices,” composed by Russ Landeau.

7. c – Liza Minnelli played the part of Lucille Austero in 10 episodes of “Arrested Development” between 2003 and 2005.

8. d – According to imdb, ABC rejected this high-impact crime series because it was “too confusing for the average viewer.”

9. c – Eagle State

10. d – Young Frankenstein. Boyle’s portrayal of Frankenstein’s monster was a truly memorable performance, with Madeline Kahn as his catty, chatty bride. If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it

11. b – brown sugar. Oh how sweet.

12. d – “Temptation Sensation” was composed by Heinz Kiessling.

13. a – Glenn Matthews. An interesting thing to note is that actor Neil Flynn was known for playing this character without scripting.

14. c – Most popular. Oprah was graduated from Tennessee’s East Nashville High School in 1971.

15. c – 31 performers on ER earned Emmy nominations as lead, supporting or guest actors/actresses for their roles on this popular medical series

16. d – Randy Jackson “Journeyed” on the bass in the mid ’80s.

17. b – $100,000. In the first season, viewers watched anxiously as Earl’s winning ticket floated out of his hands when he was hit by a car.

18. c – Help Me Help You. Some viewers were a little sad when this zingy sitcom was cancelled right out of the starting gate, including yours truly.

19. a – In 2009 when this money-punching prime-time program returned with Regis Philbin as host, Katy Perry won $50,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

20. a – Human Beings. During “Community’s” first season, it was announced that this politically-correct team name was replacing the Greendale Grizzlies.

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