Christine’s Chronicles: Weis Library in Erie, PA Was Open for Decades in the 20th Century

by Christine Lorraine

WEIS LIBRARY was built in 1896 at the bequest of long-time area resident John Weis, whose will directed the structure be built “…to be used for a free library and place for literary and mental improvement…” This goal was met, and the Weis Library served people in western Erie County for decades, although it has not been open to serve that purpose since the last millennium.

Weis’ final years were spent at the homestead of his family, working there on what is now known as Brown’s Farm. That same agricultural spot is utilized by Millcreek Township for educational purposes, so Weis’ contributions to long-term education goals still continue to serve area residents.

Although it is presently a private residence, the old-time ambiance of this 125-year-old structure remains. It can be seen at 5715 Sterrettania Road in Millcreek Township, Erie County, PA.

Historic Weis Library in Erie, PA was bequeathed by John Weis to help local residents have access to educational materials.
Weis Library is situated at Thomas and Sterrettania Roads in Millcreek Township, Erie County, PA

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