The “Trolling Bones” Aim to Give the Rolling Stones Some Canine Competition with Songs Like “Paint It Bacon” and “Mating on a Friend”

Meet Zoey (left) and Mosie of the Trolling Bones, who intend to rival the Rolling Stones with some dog-centric songs like “Under My Dew Claw”

This feisty doggie duo plan to put together a musical group like no other

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, an innovative endeavor like the Trolling Bones comes along and knocks creative caninism into a whole nother dog park.

Although they’re still in the planning stages, these animalartists are working toward releasing an album. Some of the new tunes Zoey and Mosie have been working on for that collection include:

“Gimme Doghouse”

“Shut Me Up”

“Mating on a Friend”

“Piss You”

“Sympathy for the Devil’s Bitch”

“Paint it Bacon”

“Mother’s Little Underfoot Pest”

“Beast of Your Den”

“You Can Hardly Ever Get What You Want”

“Tumbling Fleas”

“Alpo Is On My Side”

“It’s Only Pee and Poop”

“She’s So Pug”


Sadly, there has been a bit of growling about the new album title. The dissention is over which title to use between these choices:

“Some Dogs”

“Sticky Claws”

“Get Your Poo Poos Out”

“Let It Feed” or

“Cat’s Head Soup”

According to the blue merle border collie Zoey, “I can’t stand it when Mosie starts barking orders at me. She needs to chill out and take a nap so I can focus on getting more treats than her while she’s asleep.”

Although Mosie admits to being a “bitch” sometimes, “It’s Zoey’s fault that we’ve hit this creative obstacle,” laments Mosie, a pug/basenji mix. “If she would just stop trying to sleep closer to daddy and steal all his petting we wouldn’t be in this mess and we’d be able to agree on some of these album titles.”

The interview ceased abruptly at this point because the dogs’ parents opened a bag of popcorn in the next room, which is a cue for any dog to flaunt their true priorities.

Luckily, this column will continue to monitor the dogvelopment of this eccentric yet adorable duet of ballad barkers.

Mosie and Zoey of The Trolling Bones pose precociously
Mosie (left) and Zoey would like to plan to release their album, but can’t decide upon which title to use. Some which are under consideration include “December’s Puppies” and “Beggars Bonequet”

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