It’s the 53rd Annual Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society show. Watch the Video and See the Photos Here ~ Christine’s Chronicles

July 18, 2021 ~ near Saegertown, PA

It rained all week, and by the time Sunday rolled around there was plenty of mud on the ground for the final day of this year’s Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society summer event. Even my knee-high boots couldn’t quite maneuver through some of the muddier spots, but we saw almost everything and sure had a great time!

Please peruse these photos which offer a little taste of the flavor of the day, and find a link to the Youtube video beneath the pictures. Thanks for stopping by, see you at next year’s show!

Learn more about the organization and upcoming shows at

Everybody’s lined up and ready to go!

Eye-catching fire-engine red, literally

Colorful collection of engines and other assorted interesting stuff

The show itself was great, the mudfest was just an added bonus.

Tractors of all colors, ages and styles were on display and in use.

The announcer did a fine job of keeping everyone informed

The food was amazingly delicious! There’s something about traipsing around in the mud that embellishes a good lunch eaten at a picnic table.

What a wonderful thing to offer!

What a find!

Double your pleasure, double your tractor with pizzazz

A personal favorite, this cute little building is filled with cool antiques and artifacts of which you can catch a quick glimpse in the video posted below the photos.

A row of powerful machines

Ford tractors and New York engines were featured at this year’s show.

Some of these grinders date back to the 1800s.

This interesting piece has a comfortable looking seat as well as everything else.

The weather cleared up by Sunday the 18th, which is the day we took these photos and video.


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