A Squabble of Seagulls? A Leap of Leopards? Check out Christine’s Chronicles: A-Z List of 26 Unusual Animal Group Names

By Christine Lorraine Morgan ~ Dec. 21, 2021

The first time I heard the phrase a “murder of crows” I chucked because I assumed it was uttered by someone who didn’t like crows just goofing around.

How wrong I was!

With that in mind, here is an alphabetized list of some of the more peculiar names that refer to groups of animals. Bear in mind that a handful of these terms are less commonly used, and others are generally known. The bottom line is they’re all genuine.

  1. Shrewdness of Apes
  1. Sleuth of Bears
  1. Kaleidoscope of Butterflies
  1. Clowder of Cats
  1. Scurry of Chipmunks
  1. Bask of Crocodiles
  1. Murder of Crows
  1. Piteousness of Doves
  1. Convocation of Eagles
  1. Parade of Elephants
  1. Busyness of Ferrets
  1. Bloat of Hippopotamuses
  1. Cackle of Hyenas
  1. Fluther of Jellyfish
  1. Mob of Kangaroos
  1. Leap of Leopards
  1. Parliament of Owls
  1. A Waddle of Penguins (on land) A Raft of Penguins (in water)
  1. Gaze of Raccoons
  1. Bouquet of Pheasants
  1. Gang of Turkeys
  1. Squabble of Seagulls
  1. Wisdom of Wombats
  1. Cabinet of Yaks
  1. Kettle of Vultures
  1. Dazzle of Zebras

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