Hey Ho and Away We Go ~ It’s Time for the Albion Fair! See the sights and colorful highlights in this Picture Show of the 2022 Fair: Christine’s Chronicles

By Christine Lorraine Morgan ~ September 17, 2022

This is the Fair view that greets visitors as they approach the excitement.

Now that’s no bull! (Okay, it is)

Adorable fuzzy goat family.

Page Quick (left) 1st runner up and Kendal Sarver of the queen’s court pause for a pose.

The Ferris wheel eagerly awaits riders to climb into its multi-colored seats.

These draft horses sport beautifully braided tails – wish my hair would do that.

The band Lucky Dog performs a Fleetwood Mac song on the main stage.

What a cute little face.

Rides galore light up the evening.

Members of the Albion Garden Club handed out free seed packets to fairgoers.

“Come Fly Away” is the theme of this year’s floral presentation.

U.S. Army vet and author/website host Christine Lorraine Morgan helped staff the American Legion Post 567 Albion, PA table at the the Albion Fair.

Tractors were on display between the main tents and the rides.

Here’s the colorful sight we saw as we sat and enjoyed lunch at the Fair.

Edinboro’s Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm’s food stand offered hot dogs and burgers.

The Sea Ray looms before the crisp blue sky.

Fresh lemonade is nutritious and delicious on a sultry late summer afternoon at the Albion Fair.

Who can resist snacks like this? I can’t…

It takes dedicated volunteers, vendors and organizers to make the Albion Area Fair happen every year. The 2022 Fair is the 77th such event, so hat tip to everyone who has pitched in and helped over the past 3/4 of a century.

Albion’s merry-go-round, which was built in 1890, delights those who ride it. Did you know that this is considered to be the 3rd oldest operating carousel in the U.S.?

Balloons are waiting for darts to find them so that giant prizes can be won.

The newer merry-go-round is bright and colorful.

“Hoop Zone” is ready to go.

Sunset over the Fairgrounds is almost as beautiful as the celebration itself.

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