Sizzling ’60s TV Trivia Quiz – Xtine’s 20 Questions


It’s 1960s TV trivia time!

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by Christine Lorraine

Feb 7, 2010      updated April 12, 2019

Answers and rating guide are located below.
Q U E S T I O N S:

a. True

b. False

2. On which lively game show might a member of the audience be paid to give the host a hard-boiled egg or a safety pin?

a. What’s My Line

b. The Newlywed Game

c. Let’s Make A Deal

d. $20,000 Pyramid

3. Remember Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca) from “Family Vacation?” What was the name of the black-and-white television show in which she starred?

a. Hazel

b. The Brady Bunch

c. Imogene Coca Variety Hour

d. It’s About Time

4. Which actor morphed from a kind, understanding parental unit in the 1960s to a heroic monster figure in the 1970s?

a. Billy Carter

b. Bill Bixby

c. Bill Cosby

d. Bill Cullen

5. Speaking of famous Bills, what was the name of the subversion-and-espionage TV classic in which Bill Cosby co-starred with Robert Culp?

a. Get Smart

b. I Spy

c. Bond’s The Name

d. Charlie’s Angels

6. What was the name of Ann Marie’s fiance on That Girl ?

a. Peter Gunn

b. Roger Healy

c. Darren Stephens

d. Donald Hollinger

7. On Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, what “award” was given to noted personalities for achieving actual dubious accomplishments?

a. Flying fickle finger of fate award

b. Goldie’s golden granite globe

c. Rowan & Martin’s magical merit award

d. Talentless trivia trophy

8. Get Smart featured Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, a brilliant-yet-bumbling secret agent chock full of defective super-spy gadgets. What contraption was activated when Max wanted to have a confidential conversation?

a. Quilt of Quietness

b. Stealth Speaker

c. Cone of Silence

d. Whisper Magnifier

9. Mr. Ed offered on-air endorsements for which brand of automobile in 1961?

a. Studebaker

b. Mustang

c. Pinto

d. Model T

10. Sergeant Vince Carter, of Gomer Pyle fame, was a:

a. Corporal Sergeant

b. Gunnery Sergeant

c. First Sergeant

d. Third Sergeant

11. Which musical act made its American TV debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in the 1960s?

a. Elvis Presley

b. The Beatles

c. Bob Dylan

d. The B-52’s

12. Which Saturday night show featured high-stepping dancers from an aerial view?

a. Saturday Night Live

b. The Jackie Gleason Show

c. Get Smart

d. Mad TV

13. On The Wild, Wild West, what happened when people drank diamond juice in the episode titled “The Night of the Burning Diamond?”

a. They froze, turned into hot ice, then instantly melted

b. They lose their ability to behave as humans, and revert to animalistic tendencies

c. Their visions sharpens so much that they develop the ability to melt others simply by looking at them

d. They accelerate faster than the speed of light, thus becoming invisible to the human eye

14. The TV show Batman held a double spot in weekly Neilsen ratings in the 1960s, a prime-time feat not duplicated again until which show surfaced:

a. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

b. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

c. The Apprentice

d. Days Of Our Lives

15. The castaways on Gilligan’s Island attempted to perform which famous play:

a. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

b. South Pacific

c. A musical version of Hamlet

d. A Streetcar Named Gilligan

16. What 1960s comedy featured a theme song that included this curious line, “…a hot dog makes her lose control?”

a. My Mother The Car

b. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

c. The Patty Duke Show

d. The Flying Nun

17. Prior to his unforgettable role as Herman Munster on The Munsters, in what other black-and-white TV scenario could Fred Gwynne be found?

a. In the front seat of a cruiser as a police officer

b. In the back of a war plane as a bombardier

c. Beneath the streets as a sewer worker

d. Out in the fields as a farmer

18. What was the name of the native American tribe whose members were friendly with the soldiers on F Troop?

a. Blackfoot

b. Buffalonians

c. Hekawi

d. Sioux

19. On I Dream of Jeannie, Barbara Eden’s title character had an evil lookalike sister. What was Jeannie’s sneaky sibling officially named?

a. Meannie

b. Jeannie II

c. JeeJee

d. Jannie

20. Speaking of mischievous doubles, what was the name of Samantha Stephens’ trouble-conjuring lookalike cousin on Bewitched?

a. Haggatha

b. Esmerelda

c. Endora

d. Serena


1. b – False. As America’s hand-picked answer to Britain’s infamous beatles, these are the four feisty musicians comprising the Monkees, who were selected individually after more than 400 auditions: Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Davy Jones and Peter Tork.

2. c – Let’s Make A Deal. This eccentric, energetic game show featured audience members who often sported outrageous costumes in hopes of being picked by the host, Monty Hall.

3. d – It’s About Time, 1966-1967. Imogene Coca performed the role of Shad, a friendly, family-oriented cave woman, who fast-forwarded her way forward to the 20th Century.

4. b – Bill Bixby, who was transformed from the sensitive dad on the Courtship of Eddie’s Father in the mid-60s to the Incredible Hulk, which aired on TV from 1978 to 1982.

5. b – I Spy. In fact, this spytastic duo were reunited on The Cosby Show in 1987 when Robert Culp appeared as Dr. Cliff Huxtable’s dear friend, Scott Kelly.

6. d – Donald Hollinger. Ted Bessell played the romantic role of Donald, Ann’s metrosexual-esque soon-to-be husband. Marlo Thomas shined as That Girl from 1966 to 1971.

7. a – The flying fickle finger of fate award. This alliterative honorary title involved a large, outstretched finger situated upon a square base.

8. c – Cone of Silence. This transparent, bulky double-dome never really worked properly. When utilizing the cone, Max and the Chief couldn’t hear each other, although bystanders could hear what they were saying and acted as translators.

9. a – Studebaker, which sponsored this amusing “straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth” program initially. Like humans, Mr. Ed had a real-life name too: Bamboo Harvester.

10. b – Gunnery sergeant. Frank Sutton, who portrayed Sergeant Carter, was a noted WWII veteran in real life. Gomer Pyle starred Jim Nabors as a naive, soft-hearted soldier led by the brash, domineering Sergeant Carter.

11. b – The Beatles, in February 1964. Elvis Presley debuted on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1956 , Bob Dylan was slated to be seen on the show in 1963 but cancelled due to creative differences, and the B-52s did not materialize until five years after Ed was off the air.

12. b – The Jackie Gleason show, airing from 1966 to 1970, featured the

talented June Taylor dancers.

13. d – They accelerate faster than the speed of light, thus becoming invisible to the human eye. The Wild, Wild West, which aired from 1965-1969, was one of the most imaginative westerns ever conceived. It starred Robert Conrad as James T. West and Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon.

14. a – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. This money-driven program was the first to catch up with Batman’s prime-time positioning in over 30 years.

15. c – A musical version of Hamlet. The notorious island gang sewed their clothes together to make a curtain, then raised it to present these creative tunes: “I Ask To Be Or Not To Be,” “Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be,” and “Get Thee To A Nunnery.”

16. c – The Patty Duke Show. This bizarre identicle-cousin-gone-wild sitcom portrayed Patty in two roles, one as a conservative, upper-crusty young lady, and the other as a zesty, humorously troublesome chick.

17. a – In the front seat of a cruiser as a police officer. Before parking their talents on The Munsters, both Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) appeared together as police officers on Car 54 Where Are You?

18. c – Hekawi, so named because after travelling west, one tribe member asked another, “Where the heck are we?”

19. b – Jeannie II was the official name used by NBC when referring to Jeannie’s unpleasant sister, who was also played by Barbara Eden. Larry Hagman co-starred in this classic fantasy favorite.

20. d – Serena. Also played by Elizabeth Montgomery, Serena was the polar opposite of Samantha, behavior-wise. Dick York and Dick Sargent both were convincing in their roles as Darren Stephens on this bewitching sitcom.

R A T I N G    G U I D E

17-20 correct – Exalted Sixties Gold Medal

13-16 correct – Honorable Sixties Silver Star

8-12 correct – Somewhat Sixties Informed

3-7 correct – Hardly Sixties Aware

0-2 correct – Sixties sitcom challenged

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