She’ll Soon Be a Bride – a Collection of Bridal Shower Poetry


Revel in This Heartfelt Collection of Romantic Poems for the Bride-To-Be

Christine Lorraine

~~ Bells of Bliss ~~

Bells of bliss

First married kiss

Your perfect day’s ahead.

Let’s celebrate

Whilst you await

The day that you’ll be wed.

A shower of gifts

And love from friends

Are here for you today.

We’ll stand together

By your side

True friendship never fades.

* * * * *

~~ Beckoning ~~

Sparkling dreams beckon to

Magnificent layers of love that

Peel away to expose

Embracing souls united.

Journey to ecstasy beckons for

Intimate perpetual pleasure as

Clay molding each other’s

Deeply profound delights.

Gentle gratitude beckons when

Years overlap through decades of

Wisdom intertwined by

Love’s infinite intricacies.

Essential togetherness beckons as

Life transforms beyond the

Realm of unending adoration throughout

Love’s eternal essence.

* * * * *

~~ Anticipation ~~








Me too




“I do”





* * * * *

~~ Hero of Her Heart ~~

His winsome smile and masculine ways

Earned her unabashed gaze.

Her heart had danced and searched in vain

And on that all-important day

Life as she knew it was forever changed

Hero of her heat

You need to go out and get a life

Her friends had urged her every night

She didn’t know how, she didn’t know why

She did not heed their strong advice

Then fate waltzed in and made things right

Hero of her heart

Destiny soon will play its hand

And she’ll glide to the wedding band

Their song will play and she will stay

Forever in his arms that way

As on her joyous wedding day

Hero of her heat

* * * * *

~~ She’ll Soon Be a Bride ~~

Shimmering beginning

Beaming with pride

Her fluttering heart

She’ll soon be a bride.

Lavender and roses

Purity and white

Enriching abundance

She’ll soon be a bride.

Mom brings her tissues

Dad walks by her side

Surrounded by love

She’ll soon be a bride.

She’ll bring families together

Her heat open wide

Let’s welcome her now

She’ll soon be a bride

* * * * *

~~ A Mother’s Wish ~~

My sweet little girl was so loving, so bright

I made sure I gave her my best

Each time that I hugged her when she went to bed

I knew what it meant to be blessed

My teenage daughter was so brilliant, so kind

I watched as she walked out the door

On the arm of her date when she went to the prom

And I knew that soon she’d need more

She’ll find her own way through this maze we call life

Guided by faith and by fate

To find the right path that will lead her to where

Sunshine and rainbows await.

It’s hard to believe that soon she’ll wed

My little flower is now in full bloom

My true wish for her is that her life will be blessed

With the man she chose as her groom.

Published by Christine Lorraine

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