Wow! Have a Look at These Old Postcards of Waldameer Park Park in Erie, PA: Christine’s Chronicles

by Christine Lorraine Morgan ~ April 25, 2023

Postcards were about the only way people who didn’t live in Erie could see what Waldameer Park looked like way back when. It was owned by the Erie Electric Motor Company trolley line, so it could provide an out-of-the-way fun destination that passengers would pay to reach by trolley.

Here is a collection of very early 20th century postcards depicting Waldameer Park, which has been offering thrill rides, games, and family activities since 1896 ❤

Presently, this 129-year-old park draws people from New York and Ohio as well as PA. When it first opened it boasted swimming beaches, boardwalks and bath houses on the Lake Erie shoreline with a handful of rides. Over time, it has evolved to where beach activities have been replaced with an extensive and popular waterpark.

The number of rides has continued to increase over time, a fact which has contributed to the park’s continued success and status as one of the older amusement parks in the country.

“Waldameer Park Cafe” postcard from 1910. What a serene site for a summertime break.

“Entrance to Waldameer Park, Erie, Pa.” from around 1900. There weren’t many rides, but it was still a huge attraction for families and children.

This was a while-you-wait postcard that park visitors could pose for and purchase. Sometimes early 20th century folks didn’t wish to smile when photographed, unlike many of today’s “selfie” photographers.

Wondering if this “Fun In The Dark” attraction is where Pirate’s Cove is now? It’s so beautiful adorned with colorful flowers.

“Board Walk, Waldamere Park, Erie, Pa.” This misspelled postcard shows a crowded walkway leading to a long-gone lovely waterfront location.

Another early 1900s view of the “Board Walk and Bath House” at Waldameer shows a different angle of what the boardwalk looked like without a crowd.


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