Check Out This Collection of Photos from the 1988 Air Show in Erie, PA: Christine’s Chronicles

by Christine Lorraine Morgan ~ March 27, 2023

Digging through old photo albums unearthed this series of pictures which were taken at the 1988 Air Show at Erie International Airport in Erie, PA.

It was a brilliant day, with sunshine and a few fluffy white clouds, when thousands turned out to enjoy the show. Wing walkers, stunt pilots, parachute jumpers and dazzling ground displays were all part of the excitement. Parents sat with children on the ground to watch the show in the air, others brought lawn chairs.

We did our best to capture as many of these amazing moments as possible. Of course in 1988 there were no digital cameras, so this was all shot on 35mm/400 film. There is a photo of stunt pilot/WWII flyer  R. A. “Bob” Hoover included as he was one of the flying artists in this show.

Please enjoy this photographic collection from that memorable event.

Air shows at Erie International Airport typically drew a great crowd.

Going up …

…Coming down …

…Ready to land.

Flying upside down!

Part of the Air Show’s lineup. Literally.

Colorful, dazzling flying machines

Military might on the ground for all to see

Stunt in mid-air

Tent near the tower

 R. A. “Bob” Hoover, stunt pilot and WWII flyer, awaits his turn to thrill the crowd.

Planes and trains


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